In Lipsi there is always something to celebrate

There are many cultural and art events organized on Lipsi, such as concerts, theatre performances, and art exhibitions.

Also noteworthy religious festivals are organized each year. If you want to celebrate, drink plenty of local wine, enjoy traditional music and dancing and join in you are in the right place! 

Wine festivals are held 3-4 times a year, in July and August, where you can taste all the local wine varieties. Drink freely - it’s on the house! 

The largest festival on the island is for Panagia tou Harou, held on August 22nd, nine days after the Assumption of the Virgin. People come from all the surrounding islands to see the miraculous holy icon. 

Other noteworthy festivals on the island are for the Metamorphosis tou Sotiros [Transfiguration of Christ Savior] in August which is celebrated at the cove of Christos where people arrive by land and by sea, and for the Kimissi tis Theotokou (Assumption of the Virgin), on August 15th.