Beaches, beaches, beaches

In Lipsi, one will find beaches that cater to all tastes: sandy, pebbly, rocky, shallow or deep, flat or rugged.

All beaches are accessible by land and, if you are a lover of walking, you can reach almost anyone of them on foot, in a maximum of one hour. Try walking; the landscape along the way will offer you ample rewards.

Lipsi is an island worth walking…

Starting from the village going west:

► Liendou - south-facing beach next to the village (3' walk) 

Located very close to the village, Lientou is one of the island's most popular beaches, with sand, tamarisk trees and clear shallow waters. 

► ampos - south-facing beach, a little past Lientou (7' walk)

It’s about a narrow cove with a beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear waters and many tamarisks that provide shade. Very easy access by foot. 

► Christos - south-facing beach, a little past Kampos (15' walk) 

Multi-coloured pebbles, clear wild waters, and a jetty seemingly made for sunning and diving. Take a moment to look at the lovely view of the village and the chapel of Christ (Christos) behind you. Get there early to reserve the jetty for yourself.

► Elena Beach - south-facing beach, a little past Christos (15-20' walk)

This is where you have your pick: a series of "private" coves, depending on the size of your group - for one, two or four persons. Walk along the rocks and pick the one for you, shaped naturally by surrounding rocks and pebbles. Crystal clear waters, a rugged landscape, the village in the distance almost like a postcard and you seemingly alone on earth. Elena is the name of the final, larger beach that can accommodate a bigger group of people, and the only one with natural shade from the rock. 

Starting from the village along the main road to the north: 

► Kimissi – a remote southwest-facing beach (ideally by car on the main road or by bike, as there are steep hills). 

A secluded beach with pebbles and aquamarine waters. To get there, you go uphill past the church of Kimissi (Assumption) which stands amid a verdant  garden, and then walk downhill to the beach. Make sure you take drinking water with you. 

► Platis Gialos - northeast-facing beach (3.5km - ideally by car or bus on the main road as there is a hill on the way)

A beautiful cove with shallow, aquamarine waters and tamarisk trees. 

A particularly popular beach, it is quite sheltered from the northern winds, with a taverna behind the tamarisks where you can enjoy a meal after swimming. The beach is also frequented by ducks, which are very friendly to human bathers!

Starting from the village going east: 

► Katsadia - south-facing beach to the east (15' walk) 

One of the most popular beaches on the island, sheltered from the wind, sandy, with shallow waters and large trees for shade. The picturesque ethnic bar - taverna on the edge of the beach completes the idyllic landscape and is an excellent solution for coffee, refreshments, lunch or even drinks, if you end up staying late. Many sailing yachts come to anchor here or at the neighbouring Papandria beach. 

► Papandria - south-facing beach to the east [15' walk) 

Walking distance from Katsadia, going west. Sand and a few pebbles make up this lovely cove with calm, crystal-clear waters. There is no shade, unless you and your friends construct a makeshift tent with sarongs and the reeds growing at the back of the beach. There is a lovely view of the tiny, uninhabited island of Lyra across the bay. If you feel like walking and exploring, continue westward past Papandria and along the coastline. There are three more tiny beaches, secluded, rugged - amazing!

► Kohklakoura - southeast-facing beach (30' walk)

The sun here is merciless. There are white pebbles everywhere, on the coast and in the water, reflecting the sun and  giving the sea a fabulous, aquamarine colour.  It’s a truly magical landscape. If you continue to the right of the beach, you will find a cave that offers shade, but make sure you get there early - there is limited space and it fills up quickly. 

► Tourkomnima & Xirokampos  - east-facing beaches (40' walk)

These two quiet beaches stand back to back. Part sand and part pebble, with a few trees and clear waters. When it is windy and the waters are choppy in one, it is calm in the other. At the top of the hill between the two beaches stands a tiny chapel. Tip: behind the hill there is also a tiny beach known to very few... 

► Monodendri east-facing beach (60' on foot) 

The name says it all: Monodendri [single tree]. The lone tree you will see on this beach is a juniper standing proudly alone on the rock. It grew out of seeds carried on the wind from Africa, and still dominates this white pebble beach which together with the turbulent aquamarine waters, creates an unforgettable image. Access is fairly difficult, involving a lot of walking, so there are few people here. But the beauty of the landscape is awe-inspiring. 

► Kamares - northeast-facing beach (45' on foot) 

A rugged, secluded beach with large pebbles and rocks. Getting there requires a long walk. It is ideal if you want to be alone, perhaps even for nude bathing. Not so ideal when it is windy.

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