The official Lipsi Guide app | Free Download


The official Lipsi Guide app | Free Download

The Municipality of Lipsi, making the most of modern technologies, created a new application for mobile phones called "Lipsi Guide".


This new application is yet another innovative initiative of the Municipal Authority of Lipsi in the tourist information sector, which enables visitors and locals to receive immediate and complete information directly from the mobile device, about a wide range of topics of tourist interest, promoting at the same time the environmental, historical and cultural heritage of Lipsi. It informs the visitor what places to visit, where to stay, how to move in the area, what attractions (of varying interest) he can find, what choices there are for food and / or entertainment, what events can attend during the stay and so on.


The application runs in two languages - Greek and English - with the potential to support more languages in the future.


In order to download the Lipsi Guide application, for free:

(a) For iOS, App Store on iTunes, follow the link


(b) For Android, Play Store on Google Play, follow the link


Alternatively, if you have a QR code reader software (code) on your mobile, use the QR code for Lipsi Guide located below, depending on your phone and the operating system it supports: for mobile phones running iOS (iPhone) download the application through App Store and for those running Android through Google play market).